Int'l Stu.2

(Admission) Q1: One of my parents is Taiwanese; can I apply as an international student?


  1. Case 1: Applicant does not hold a Taiwanese household registry and holds a passport of another country (continuous residence in overseas country for over 6 years, and has stayed in Taiwan for no more than 120 days each year) à Student is deemed as an international students/foreign student. Please refer to the website of the International Education and Exchange Division and click on international student admission under Work Processes < > .
  2. Case 2: Applicant holds Taiwanese household registry, has lived abroad for more than 6 years, and has obtained a permanent or long-term residence permit of a foreign country. Taiwanese government has not yet opened borders to non-degree seeking international students (including exchange students). à For overseas Chinese, please refer to the website of the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students for [Individual Application] and [Joint Distribution] at <>, or MCU individual admission for overseas Chinese students <>

(Admission) Q2: Is it possible for foreign students to apply to a Chinese-taught program?

A: Students who would like to apply for Chinese-taught program must provide thefollowing proof:

  1. Applicant whose mother tongue is Chinese or who has majored in Chinese in University and has relevant proof.
  2. TOCFL B2 level or intermediate level on other Mandarin Chinese language proficiency test.

(Admission) Q3: I have a GED certificate, what other documentations do I need to apply?

A: Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least 11 years of high school (Form 5). Applicants are required to provide GED certificate, transcript, diploma or school-leaving certificate.

(Admission) Q4: What government scholarships can I apply for?

A: For Taiwan scholarship and ICDF scholarship information, please visit the respective website:  <>


Applicants need to complete MCU application for admission and scholarship application separately.

(Admission) Q5: Does the University provide scholarships for international students?

A: You can check information about scholarships on IEE website


(Admission) Q6: When will I receive my Taiwan Scholarship?

A: Please refer to IEE website for more information about “Ming Chuan University Regulations for Taiwan Scholarship Program” at <> (applicable to Taiwan scholarship holders only).

(Admission) Q7: Can I waive credits for courses I have already taken?

A: After the applicant has submitted their transcript, the department will review and confirm the number of credits that can be waived.

(Admission) Q8: Am I admitted to MCU?

A: You can check your application status via MCU online application system

<> -- click "inquiry"

(Admission) Q9: I have not yet received my admission notice’ how can I check?

A: Applicant can print out admission notice via MCU online application system

<> -- click “Print Documents”

(Admission) Q10: I would like to transfer tuition fee from overseas; how can I check the account number for fee payment?

A: IEE Website: International Applicationà click “Instructions for Fee-Payment”


Q11: How do I apply for a Visa?

A: Please prepare MCU offer letter and other required documents (Please check with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office for details) and apply for a visa from Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in your country.

Website reference:

Q12: How do I postpone my enrollment of study to next semester?

A: Please email or make a call to Int’l Education and Exchange Division (IEE Office) for further details.

Tel: +886-3-350-7001 ext.3704 or 5116

E-mail: (Asia Student Admission)

E-mail: (Outside-Asia Student Admission)

Q13: I am heading Taiwan for study; can my wife come with me to Taiwan?

A: Yes, your wife may come to Taiwan with you. For visa application, please confirm with Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in your country.

Q14: How do I apply for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)? Is a financial statement required?

A: Please join OISS (Office of Int’l Student Service) Orientation for Newly Arrived International Students. We will teach you how to apply for ARC online. Financial statement is not required for ARC application.

Online application website

Q15: Can I have a part-time job while I am enrolled at MCU for the first semester? Is there an hour restriction on working?

A: After you complete registration at MCU, you can apply for a work permit (for students) from Ministry of Labor of Taiwan. During semesters, maximum working hours is 20 per week; no hour restriction during summer and winter vacations.

Please join OISS workshop on Work Permit Application, then you will know how to apply online. 

Online application website

Q16: Will the university staff pick me up at the airport? (New students arriving in Taiwan during COVID-19 pandemic period)

A: Following the related epidemic prevention regulations from government, the university staff will pick you up, assist with new student registration affairs at the Ministry of Education (MOE) Airport Report-in Counter, lead you to take a quarantine taxi, and the taxi will deliver you directly to a quarantine hotel or the university quarantine dorm.

Q17: Are students allowed to buy groceries before heading to the quarantine hotel or the university quarantine dorm? (New students arriving in Taiwan during COVID-19 pandemic period)

A: Students need to prepare everything they need before entering Taiwan, as related regulations stipulate that students need to directly take a quarantine taxi to a quarantine hotel or the university quarantine dorm after they complete registration at MOE Airport Report-in Counter. They cannot stop anywhere during their travel by quarantine taxi.

Q18: What is Taiwan electric voltage and what type of plugs and sockets are used in Taiwan?

A: In Taiwan, the power plugs and sockets are of type A and B; the standard voltage is 110 V, and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.


Q19: How do I open a bank account in Taiwan?

A: Foreigners need to prepare following required documents and personal information to apply for a bank account in Taiwan: applicants’ valid passport, valid ARC, local contact address and phone number. Following the new regulations, U.S. citizens must present Social Security Number and other foreigners may be asked to present tax identification numbers for their countries.

Q20: How do I renew my ARC? How long in advance of the expiration date should I apply for ARC extension?

A: You may extend your ARC one month prior to the expiration date. Please access National Immigration Agency (NIA) website for application.

Q21: Can I suspend my NHI (National Health Insurance) during the period of summer or winter vacation since I will be away from Taiwan at that time?

A: According to NHI regulation, your NHI can only be suspended if you plan to depart Taiwan for more than six months, and there are no entry records during the period of departure.

Q22: What required documents do I need to present when I arrive in Taiwan? (International students returning to Taiwan after vacation)

A: You need to present a valid passport and valid ARC when arriving in Taiwan.

Q23: What epidemic prevention principles do I need to follow after I arrive in Taiwan?

A: Students need to undergo 14-day home quarantine and 7-day self-health management, and they are not allowed to attend class in person during home quarantine or self-health management period. Since related governmental regulations are updated frequently, please contact OISS for the latest information on epidemic prevention. OISS contact number: +886-2-2882-4564 Ext. 2697/2698 (Taipei Campus), and +886-3-350-7001 Ext. 3311/ 5313 (Taoyuan Campus).

Q24: How is the period for a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued within 3 days prior to the flight boarding date calculated?

A: The actual flight day is not calculated; the 2-day period prior to the flight boarding date of this test report shall be calculated based on the specimen collection date and weekends are included. All the policies are subject to change based on the Covid-19 pandemic.

Q25: If I apply for MCU 4+1 program, will I be able to have a work permit for the summer vacation before my enrollment in the master's program?

A: Yes. Please contact IEE office ( for the certificate of completing online registration. When you receive it, you may apply for your work permit at EZ work permit website.(

Q26: How do I certify my high school diploma and transcript? May I submit the certified documents later?

A: Following the regulations, students need to submit all the certified documents within 2 weeks after new semester starts. If you are unable to submit something, please confirm with the Enrollment Section of Academic Affairs Division about the certified documents submission deadline.

Q27: How many credits can be waived at MCU for the credits I already earned from another university?

A: Please submit your transcript(s) to your department/program office for credit waiver-related affairs after you complete the registration procedure.

Q28: Why do I still need to start my study from the first year even though I am a second-year student in my home country?

A: At first, you will be arranged in a first-year class upon completion of registration. The university will inform your department to handle credit waiver affairs, follow related regulations and adjust your study status based on your actual credit waiver situation.

Q29: When can I receive my MCU student ID card?

A: The Academic Affairs Division will issue your student ID card (normally takes 7-10 days) after you compete registration procedures, fill in the Freshmen Information and upload a digital photo to the Student Information System.

Q30: How do I update my ARC number with the university?

A: Please log in to E-Requests and E-Form System to fill out form No.1912 and upload your new ARC for reference.

Q31: How do I apply for an Enrollment Certificate?

A: You can directly apply for the certificate at the Automated Payment Machine on campus, applicants can collect the Chinese certificate right away from the machine or visit Academic Affairs Division with their receipt to pick up the English certificate.

Q32: How do I apply for Extended Study Certificate or Pending Graduation Certificate needed for ARC extension?

A: Please log in to E-Requests and E-Form System to fill out form No.1963; you can pick up the certificate at Enrollment Section of Academic Affairs Division after your application request is confirmed.

Q33: Where can I update my Chinese name?

A: Please log into E-Requests and E-Form System to fill out form No.1915. Upload the related document verifying a new Chinese name in the system.

Q34: How far is it from the dorm to the university? How do I get to the university from the dorm?

A: The university currently arranges Taipei Campus freshmen to live in Jixian Dorm, which takes 35 minutes to the university by bus or MRT. Please refer to the following links for more information:

Q35: Is there curfew and access control at the dormitory?

A: Dormitory Supervisors will do a roll call at 11:00 PM every night.

Q36: May I choose my roommates? (I would like to stay with my friends.)

A: Please check related details with your dormitory supervisor. Please refer to the following link (under Housing Service) for their contact information:

Q37: What is the size of the bed in the dorm?

A: The bed size is 194cm*100cm in Jixian Dorm. Please refer to following link for more information:

Q38: How do I make a Student Group Accident and Hospitalization Insurance claim?

A: Please prepare the following required documents and bring them to Student Affairs Division: (1) Student ID card (2) ARC (3) copy of bank passbook (4) hospital receipts (5) doctor diagnosis (6) X Ray image, if any taken.

Q39: How do I apply for a leave if I am absent from class?

A: Students can visit Student Information System to take leave:

Q40: Is the school dorm available for students to move in anytime?

A: Students need to check with Student Affairs Division to see if there’s any vacancy for them; your name will be put on the waiting list if the dorm is full. If there is a special situation, you can write a student report. Please refer to following link (under Housing Service) for related contact information:

Q41: How do I know my TEAMS account user name?

A: Please use the information below to set up your TEAMS account:

Email: Student ID 

Default Password: Last four digits of your student ID number + your date of birth (YYYY MM DD)

Q42: Why is there no course schedule appearing in my Moodle system?

A: In the left-hand side of Moodle, click on "import courses" then your course schedule will be shown on Moodle.

Q43: What should I do if I forget my TEAMS password?

A: The default password is the last four digits of your student ID number + your date of birth (YYYY MM DD). If you already revised your password and you forgot it, please log into E-Requests and E-Form System to fill out form NO.1683, and a new default password will be returned to you in an e-form.

Q44: Does the university provide Microsoft Office software for students to download?

A: Yes, for more details, please check the list of software provided by the university on Information and Network Division website: Software provided by the university is only available for use on on-campus computers.

Q45: How do I know if my tuition fee payment from overseas was successfully processed? (Freshmen affected by COVID-19, awaiting entry to Taiwan)

A: Please email your remittance record to MCU International Education and Exchange Division (IEE):, and notify MCU Office of International Student Service (OISS) at the same time: (Taoyuan campus), (Taipei campus).  IEE will email your TEAMS account information to you for online courses access once the university has received your tuition fee.

Q46: Where can I pay my tuition fee, quarantine dorm fee, and dorm fee for the semester?

A: Following the total amount of the fee shown on your fee invoice, total fees under NTD. 60,000 can be paid at convenience stores, fees over NTD. 60,000 for freshmen should be paid at MCU Bursar Section of General Affairs Division, and fees over NTD. 60,000 for other students should be paid at the post office.

Q47: How do I pay the tuition fee through international remittance?

A: Please follow the MCU bank account information shown below to complete your tuition fee payment and provide your remittance record to MCU after you complete all the procedures:

Ming Chuan University Bank Account Information



BANK TEL: +886-2-2592-9282


BENEFICIARY’S A/C NO: 3801-0101-0241


BENEFICIARY’S TEL: +886-2-2882-4564 Ext. 2250

Q48: Can I choose courses online after I paid the tuition fee? (Freshmen affected by COVID-19, awaiting entry to Taiwan)

A: If you are awaiting entry to Taiwan due to COVID-19 pandemic, your department secretary will contact you through email and assist you with course selection.

Q49: How do I contact faculty members in my department?

A: You can contact them by email; please visit your department website for more details about their contact information. You can also contact your department secretary for further assistance.