Q1: One of my parents is Taiwanese; can I apply as an international student?


  1. Case 1: Applicant does not hold a Taiwanese household registry and holds a passport of another country (continuous residence in overseas country for over 6 years, and has stayed in Taiwan for no more than 120 days each year) à Student is deemed as an international students/foreign student. Please refer to the website of the International Education and Exchange Division and click on international student admission under Work Processes < https://iee.mcu.edu.tw/en/Work-Processes > .
  2. Case 2: Applicant holds Taiwanese household registry, has lived abroad for more than 6 years, and has obtained a permanent or long-term residence permit of a foreign country. Taiwanese government has not yet opened borders to non-degree seeking international students (including exchange students). à For overseas Chinese, please refer to the website of the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students for [Individual Application] and [Joint Distribution] at <http://www.overseas.ncnu.edu.tw/countrylist.aspx>, or MCU individual admission for overseas Chinese students <https://admission.mcu.edu.tw/node/101>

Q2: Is it possible for foreign students to apply to a Chinese-taught program?

A: Students who would like to apply for Chinese-taught program must provide thefollowing proof:

  1. Applicant whose mother tongue is Chinese or who has majored in Chinese in University and has relevant proof.
  2. TOCFL B2 level or intermediate level on other Mandarin Chinese language proficiency test.