Educational Goals

Educational Goals

Creation of international learning environment to expand the worldviews of faculty and students; promotion of international certifications; keeping abreast with education around the world.

The International Education and Exchange Division and International College have led the way in good progress toward the internationalization goal. With the greatest number of foreign students of universities in Taiwan, the University sufficiently demonstrates its efforts in promoting the internationalization of higher education and building an English learning environment.

Emphasis on industry-academia collaboration to reinforce theoretical knowledge and practical competence; focus on professional experience along with academic endeavors to provide multi-faceted education and life-long learning opportunities.

In response to the growing needs for academic advancement, the university has made great improvements in facilitating resource sharing and in its talent management system. Recent achievements include e-classroom services and e-portfolio system for students and faculty members.

Determined application of strict educational guidance principles to nurture learners with sense of responsibility and team spirit; pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, research and service.

Ming Chuan University has received much acclaim for its quality education. In 2009, the university earned the top rank among northern Taiwan colleges and universities in the departmental accreditations carried out by the Higher Education Evaluation and Assessment Council of Taiwan (HEEACT). In addition, the university was awarded MOE Strive for Teaching Excellence subsidy for 11 years, and is now in its 3rd year of being awarded MOE Higher Education Sprout Project subsidy.